15 Jun 2013
Perting Waterfall Camping Trip plus visit to Orphanage
Perting Waterfall Camping Trip plus visit to Orphanage  
Written by: Esther Kok
Saturday June 15, 2013

Amcorp Perting 4MW Mini Hydro Power Plant was scheduled for a plant maintenance shutdown on 16 June 2013 to facilitate the cleaning of its water intake section. In view of that, the Deputy General Manager, Encik Badrul Hisham and his staff extended an invitation to Amcorp staff to a camping-fishing-visiting experience at our award-winning mini hydro power plant and its beautiful waterfall. The Sports Club took the opportunity to organise a 2 days 1 night camping trip for staff members and also do some charity.    

On Saturday, 15 June 2013, 15 staff members with their families totalling 28 people met at Taman Jaya Garden at 8.45am and proceeded to the R & R, Genting Sempah for a light breakfast before journeying on to the Amcorp Perting 4MW Mini Hydro Power Plant in Bentong.  Before arriving at the Waterfall, the group of about 9 cars in a convoy, drove to Janda Baik to pay a visit to the orphanage named “Badan Amal Nur Zaharah”. This home is residence to 28 girls and 24 boys, aged between 5 to 20 years old.  Our Sports Club Chairman, Ms Josephine Ng led the group to donate some provisions contributed by Amcorp Perting Hydro Sdn Bhd for the home as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility programme.

Group photo with the children from Badan Amal Nur Zaharah, Bentong

On our arrival at the girls’ home, the children were in the midst of having a dental check-up by a group of doctors and nurses. We walked around the hostel as the land area is big. There is a 1 double-storey and 1 single-storey hostel building and 1 multi-purpose wakaf and a surau located within the premises. We took photographs with the children and the home’s beautiful and tranquil surroundings. From there, we took another 3 km drive to the boys’ home. At this boys’ home, there was an organic farm in which they grow a variety of leafy vegetables and we saw lots of ‘bitter gourd’ sprouting from the plants. These organic vegetables are also being sold to the public to generate additional income for the home. It was quite inspiring to see them try to be independent and not depend solely on charity to run the home.

Amcorp staff posing with the orphanage's  representative 
The beautiful scenery at the waterfall  
From Janda Baik, we proceeded to the Waterfall. We arrived at the waterfall at about 1.30pm and Encik Shaiful Reazal, Project Manager of Amcorp Perting 4MW Mini Hydro Power Plant was there to welcome us.  He led us to the campsite.

For me, it was a very ‘scary’ experience to walk across the ‘hanging bridge’ but we all managed to cross safely. Thanks to Encik Shaiful, the campsite was very well set up and lunch was ready to be served on our arrival. 

After lunch, we set up our own individual tent. Most of us went for a dip in the river and later went to the main waterfall.  

Some of the staff and the children had a ‘fun’ time playing in the water whilst some sat on the rocks to enjoy the scenery and chat with each other and one family even went ‘fishing’.

In the midst of our ‘enjoyment’, Encik Shaiful was at the campsite setting up the BBQ pit to cook our dinner. We had BBQ fish (2 type of fishes), chicken wings and drumsticks for dinner not forgetting ‘fried rice’. All of us enjoyed the BBQ and Encik Badrul Hisham came later to join us and we celebrated his birthday as well. Later the night, we sat around the campsite and listen to some ‘ghostly’ stories….

Some were tired and retired early whilst some of us stayed until the ‘wee’ hours of the morning…..The ground was hard and I found it very difficult to sleep….Inside my tent! 

Camping4  Amcorp staff lending a helping hand at the plant
Some of us were up by 6 am the next morning. We had a variety of food for breakfast, namely; cup noodles, porridge, biscuits and hot beverages. 

At 8am we were ready to visit the plant’s water intake section and the power house. The journey uphill was quite an ‘experience’, the road was narrow, winding and ‘rocky’…There were 2 Toyota Hilux and a “Kembara” that took all of us to the station. 

At the water intake section, we were briefed on the operation procedures and most of the staff had a ‘hands-on’ experience when they assisted the plant’s staff to close the plant and ‘dug’ out the sand and gravel which had accumulated over the year. It was truly a once in a life time experience for most of us and after the “cleaning operation”, we drove to the power house. 

Now we appreciate the tough work performed by our colleagues who work in the power plant. 

At the power house, Encik Shaiful Reazal gave us a briefing on how the power plant operates. We had a guided walk around the power plant and later signed the ‘visitor’s book’ before returning to the campsite.

We arrived at the campsite at about 1 pm and most of us were ‘hungry’ after the hard work. We had nasi lemak for lunch and it was very delicious! After lunch, we packed our stuff and left for home whilst others stayed on a little longer to enjoy the natural surroundings.

Truly, it was a very enjoyable and informative trip for first timers like me who have not done any overnight camping trip in Malaysia nor visited any hydro power plant before.

Thank you to the Management, especially Encik Saiful Reazal. And Kudos, Well done to the Organizers!

For information, the contact details of the orphanage are:-

Badan Amal Nur Zaharah
Lot 27797, Kampung Sum Sum Hilir, Janda Baik
28750 Bentong, Pahang
Tel : 09-2330405 / 012-6271549 

Badan Amal Nur Zaharah in Bentong, Pahang